It was a glorious sunny morning here in Weert so I planned a nice long cycle ride today before the forecast wind rain & even snow arrives.

However I didn’t get so far after a recurring mechanical issue with my aged bike, which I couldn’t fix at the roadside, meant that I had to turn around on the Wessemerdijk near Schoor and head straight back home.

The rear wheel had somehow shifted in the frame, despite being very firmly tightened and this in turn caused the gears to become misaligned.

I also noticed that the rear wheel was running severely out of true. All the spokes are present and tight but the buckle is severe enough for the tyre to touch both sides of the chain stay.

Once home, I refitted and tightened the wheel and adjusted the derailleur gears once more so hopefully it will be okay again for a while.

I can’t do much about the wobbly wheel myself so I’ll have to take it to the local bike shop (of which there are many) to get the wheel straightened.

I’m really enjoying my cycling at the moment but there is always a nagging doubt in the back of my mind that a mechanical problem with the bike might leave me stranded a long way from home.

My bike is really a city bike, not intended for long distance touring with frequent off-road excursions included.

What I need is an all terrain touring bicycle, with a larger, stiffer frame and stronger wheels and brakes. I have such a bike in mind and hopefully I’ll be able to acquire it before the really decent weather arrives.

Meanwhile, today’s aborted ride was just 11 km.

#CW5000 : 7537.7 KM TO GO!

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