Feeling very ‘European’ today.

Having registered with my local municipality back in March, I am entitled to vote in the Dutch elections to the European Parliament.

Back in the UK, of course, they are faced with the somewhat farcical situation of having to hold similar elections even though they are supposed to be leaving the EU.

It may be an imperfect institution but I’d rather be within the EU than outside.

Yet another reason for me coming to live in this delighful & welcoming country.

I’ve never seen such a large ballot sheet, with over 300 candidates listed, from 16 different political parties.

For the European Parliament elections, the Netherlands does not divide into smaller constituencies, it’s considered one large constituency so everyone gets the same list of candidates to vote for, regardless of where they live.

One of the staff at the polling station, after checking my polling card & passport, was rather loud when telling his colleague…..’that man’s name is Holland…….’

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