Today was my 100th cycle ride of 2020, so my planned route was a 103 km loop down across the river Maas and just over the border into Germany.

I left home at about 0830 in sunny but cold conditions and made good progress down past Beegden where I crossed the Maas via the cycle bridge to Linne.

My objective today was to ride through the Meinweg National Park, a 1800 hectare nature reserve right on the border with Germany.

There were some beautiful autumn colours here today, so there are many photographs!

On the return route the wind increased somewhat and for the last 30 km or so I was facing a very strong buffeting headwind. In open countryside there was no shelter from the wind and I was very happy to get home safely, without incident.

Having said that, I really enjoyed today’s ride, some of the hills in Meinweg were quite challenging but the peaceful beauty of the whole area made the journey worthwhile.

#CW5000 : 1697.0 KM TO GO!

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