I’ve just registered for the Cycling Weekly ‘CW5000’ 2020 Challenge, the objective being to cycle 5000 miles (8047 km) during 2020.

Cycling Weekly are providing various incentives along the way so it’s not for charity, just for the fun of it!

So far this year I’ve cycled a total of 498.3 km so I still have a long, long way to go.

To put this into perspective, I cycled 1916.6 km in the last eight months of 2019, so I will need to ride over four times as far this year.

Given my cycling plans for 2020 I’m confident that I can achieve 5000 miles by December 31st, maybe with time to spare, but I’m less confident that my 20 year old ‘bike is up to the challenge as well. Only time will tell!

#CW5000 : 7548.7 KM TO GO!

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