15th-16th October.

Overnight, here in the south-east of England, we experienced Hurricane force winds, causing widespread damage and 22 deaths in the UK & France.

This became known as the Great Storm.

My 250 kg motorcycle, a BMW K100LT, made heavier by a stout canvas cover, was picked up and literally thrown about six feet into the front of the house. This caused extensive damage to the motorcycle and cracks to the front porch of the house.

The winds were so severe that even the lead over the front door began to be peeled away.

The BMW was repaired, covered by insurance, at Sawbridgeworth Motorcycles, the original supplying dealer.

The damage appeared superficial to start with & most of the body panels, screen, luggage & seat were replaced.

But it was never quite the same to ride. Although the dealer didn’t agree with me, I’m convinced the frame and/or front forks were twisted because it just didn’t seem to ride straight anymore. I sold it a few months later.

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