Today’s cycle ride was a 91 km adventure to Germany to explore part of the Rur river.

The Rur is a 164.5 km long river which rises in the  High Fens of Belgium.

Over 90% of it’s course flows through Germany, before it becomes the Roer as it enters the Netherlands.

Finally it flows into the river Maas near the Dutch city of Roermond.

I cycled east from Heerlen for about 31 km before arriving on the banks of the Rur near Barmen.

For the next 24 km I followed the Rur northwards, riding the gravel cycle track alongside.

Today’s featured image is of the river Rur near the German town of Hilfarth.

After cycling around the Adolfosee, a man-made lake fed by the Rur, I headed homewards alongside the river Wurm, a tributary of the Rur.

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