The weather is getting very cold now so not so much opportunity to get out on the ‘bike at the moment.

However I do go over to the garage most days to check the battery on the BMW, clean & polish it, generally spend ages doing not very much.

With the battery fully charged, I turned the ignition on yesterday morning and the brake fault warning light came on, and stayed on

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen it other than during the start-up sequence when all the lights flash momentarily just to demonstrate that they work.

I phoned John Clark BMW in Dundee who said they wanted to investigate but that I shouldn’t ride the ‘bike at all.

Later the same day a recovery truck arrived to collect the BMW & I hitched a lift with them to Dundee as the dealer had offered a courtesy ‘bike for however long they had mine.

I was lent a new BMW R1200CL, a very new model, never seen or ridden by me before, so I enjoyed the thought of riding something new.

By the time I got back to Edinburgh the fault on my own ‘bike had been fixed and arrangements were made for me to collect it the following day.

Apparently an ABS sensor relating to the electro-mechanical braking system had failed & was replaced in less than an hour.

Had I known that I would’ve waited rather than riding the truly awful R1200CL to Edinburgh & back.

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