A small group of us spent three nights in a nice hotel overlooking Fecamp in Normandy.

Another friend, Mike Werner, a Dutchman living with his Irish wife in Normandy, joined us for one night & we shared a great meal plus one or two beers.

The next day we all went  down to visit Palais Benedictine in Fecamp to see where Benedictine liquor is made, very interesting and we all purchased at least one bottle to take home with us.

Mike then led us on an interesting route to his home nearby where we enjoyed a great lunch hosted by his wife, Trish.

That night, back at the hotel we all sat outside and consumed more than one bottle of Benedictine between us, including mine. Very thick heads the following morning when we set off to explore the area once more.

We later met up at a pre-arranged restaurant for another lunch with Mike & Trish.

Before we knew it we were heading back to the ferry at Ijmuiden after a thoroughly enjoyable trip.

It’s adds a nice dimension to have a guide who lives locally & we really appreciated their hospitality.

Until the next time….

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