Trawling through some old photographs I found two very similar images of both my children, taken some 12 years apart.

In 1982 my daughter Claire, then aged just two, wanted to go on my BMW motorcycle.

I explained that she was too small & her feet wouldn’t reach the foot-pegs, but that I would be happy to take her for a ride when she was older.

Then in 1994 I had a similar conversation with my son Tim, then four years old.

He got to sit on my BMW, but never expressed any desire to go for a ride when he was older.

However, in 1996, Claire remembered the previous conversation so all kitted out I took her for a 20 mile spin around the countryside near Bristol.

We stopped half way, just for me to ensure she was okay. She said:’Does it go any faster Daddy?’

So we returned home at 55mph instead of 50!

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