I’ve not cycled since last Sunday as I wanted to do some routine maintenance on the bike including a new chain, lubrication and new, flatter handlebars to enhance the riding position and steering.

So, today’s short ride was more a road test to ensure everything works okay & apart from some minor adjustments all is well.

It’s like riding a new bike! It steers much more precisely, it stops better and there are less squeaks and rattles. The riding position is now completely different, a little lower and maybe more streamlined for those frequent headwinds.

Such a lovely warm, sunny day today after a week of dull, mostly rainy weather.

I headed out along back-roads, found some very rough forest tracks and passed through the village of Tungelroy, to the south of Weert, before making my way back home.

Today’s 23.2 km counts towards my Cycling Down Dementia total.

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