I don’t have to cycle far to encounter windmills here in Limburg.

Today’s 33 km ride was a simple loop around Weert, during which I came across two truly magnificent windmills.

The first, at Roeven is a fully restored and operational grain mill ‘Windlust’ dating from 1872. Built on a raised earth mound it can be seen from a great distance and was especially impressive this morning against the azure sky.

About 10 km further on, at Keent a neighbourhood of Weert, I could, again, see this great windmill from a distance and that it’s huge black sails were turning.

Once I got closer I could hear the mill stones of ‘Sint Anna’ rumbling as the sails turned, no doubt crushing grain as it has since it was built in 1911.

It’s very satisfying to see these great pieces of engineering restored and maintained in full working order and many of them are also open to visitors.

#CW5000 : 5064.00 KM TO GO!

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