Thursday’s 80 km cycle ride started near the Dutch town of Maria-Hoop, some 35 km north of Heerlen.

The bike and I were transported there by car so that I could cycle in unfamiliar surroundings for a change.

From this starting point I embarked on a 47 km circuit in the Limburg countryside, most of which was unfamiliar to me.

At around the halfway point I came across Kasteel Aerwinkel, an impressive castle in the the middle of nowhere.

Today’s featured image is of the front facade of the castle.

Nearby was a nice cafe for coffee and cherry pie, much appreciated on this very cool morning.

After I completed the circuit I faced stiff headwinds for the 33 km ride back home to Heerlen.

The ride south was made much cooler by the sun disappearing behind overcast skies.

Autumnal weather has certainly arrived in Limburg.

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