Weather plays a significant part in my cycle route planning.

I try to avoid setting off from home in the rain, mainly because I don’t really like the idea of having wet clothes for the rest of the ride.

Today’s 82 km cycle ride was not only the longest of the year but was 75% ridden in sometimes torrential rain.

I saw the forecast last night and again this morning and decided to ignore the fact heavy rain was promised for much of the day.

There are reasons, however, why I simply wanted to go out in the rain today.

I have imminent plans for some longer all-day rides as well as a number of longer multi-day tours so it seemed like a good idea to get used to getting wet.

The first 10 km of the ride was dry but the rain soon came.

There were some very dark clouds ahead, promising much more rain and as I cycled through the village of Geverik the light showers became a torrential downpour.

I stopped under overhanging trees for shelter and my first breakfast while the worst of it passed.

Carried everywhere with me, but never previously used, is a lightweight breathable rain jacket which I put on here and wore for the rest of the day’s ride.

It did it’s job very well and only my exposed lower legs got really wet and dirty; easily remedied by a warm shower when I got back home.

Today’s featured image is of the canal lock at Neerharen in Belgium.

This is situated on the Briegden-Neerharen canal which connects the Albert Canal and Zuid-Willemsvaart.

The wet ride home took me around Maastricht and through Valkenburg.

All things considered this ride was one of the very best I can remember and I’m very much looking forwards to the first long tour, wet or dry.

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