January has been a good cycling month for me despite some really extreme weather conditions.

Like many recreational cyclists I keep a keen eye on weather forecasts to spot possible cycling opportunities.

Personally I’m not always seeking warm, dry, sunny days although these may be the ideal conditions.

I’m happy if it’s dry and not so cold I can’t feel my fingers and toes.

Windless days seem non-existent here in South Limburg so it’s something I just have to deal with.

As long as the wind speed is less than my road speed it’s possible to get out on the bike for a while.

I cycled out on the roads three times this month, totalling 106 km, not so bad for the time of year.

This was supplemented by 9 one hour indoor spinning sessions, totalling 272 km.

There’s no doubt that the outdoor rides require the greatest physical effort, especially on hilly terrain.

However the indoor spinning sessions are proving invaluable in maintaining my fitness levels during the winter months.

I also did a 10 km walk through local woodlands which proved to be extremely tough, using different muscles to my pedalling efforts.

This month’s photographs may be found here.

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