I left home at 07:00 today for my 37 km cycle ride around the Limburg countryside to the south-west of Heerlen.

It was somewhat overcast but warm enough to cycle in shorts.

There are quite a lot of gentle hills in this part of south Limburg, offering panoramic views over the surrounding countryside.

Other commitments meant I didn’t want a longer ride today, but this was still a very enjoyable, gentle ride not so far from home.

Today’s featured image is of vineyards belonging to Winjgoed Domaine Salamander, near the Dutch hamlet of Eyserheide.

We have tried some locally produced wines, but none from here, yet!

In other news, tomorrow I will return to my 7 day LF Zuiderzeeroute cycle tour which I was forced to abandon in March due to extreme weather conditions in the north of the Netherlands.

I’ll take the bike on the inter-city train to my departure point, Enkhuizen in the province of North Holland and stay overnight before resuming the tour route on Sunday morning.

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