Although I left home at 05:30 this morning, I still managed to miss the sun rising.

However I still captured some interesting images once out of the city and into the surrounding countryside.

My 74 km cycle ride was to the south-west of Heerlen and included the highest point of the Netherlands (Drielandenpunt) and the southernmost inhabited area, the small hamlet of Kuttingen.

The early morning coolness was most welcome but the sun soon warmed things up to an uncomfortable level.

Fortunately I was safely back home before 10:00 and the higher temperatures forecast for later in the day.

It was nice to see large fields of ripening barley, destined for local breweries.

Today’s featured image was taken close to Kuttingen, right on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium.

The vantage point here allowed a great view of Kasteel Beusdael, nestled in the Belgian countryside.

This was quite a demanding, hilly cycle ride with 847 metres of elevation gained.

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