August has been a truly amazing cycling month for me.

Not so much because of the number of kilometres ridden but because I’ve actually ridden fewer, longer rides taking me further afield to explore more new destinations.

In just nine rides I covered 710 km making an average of 78.89 km per ride. My monthly average speed dropped very slightly to 19.78 km/h.

One highlight this month was my first ‘Century Ride’ where I cycled 101.59 miles (163.5 km) in a single day when I visited Baarle-Hertog.

Another was my two day, 170 km ride to Vaalserberg, the highest point of the Netherlands.

Both were extremely satisfying rides because of the distances ridden and the elevation gains riding up some very long, steep hills.

The August collection of rides may be found here and 252 new photographs are in my galleries here.

With autumn rapidly approaching there are still many new places I want to explore and my intention is to continue cycling throughout the year with fewer, longer rides.

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