With extreme temperatures predicted for later today, I left home before dawn for a 78 km cycle ride.

Even at 06:00 it was 21c and when I returned a few hours later it had risen to 27c, very uncomfortable for riding a bike any distance.

My route today was a loop to the east of Heerlen mainly through Germany.

The halfway point was the German town of Julich where I paused for a while by the imposing citadel.

Moving on, I again rode alongside the tranquil river Rur before heading for home.

Today’s featured image was taken just as the sun rose over a steep hill near Muhlenbach, Germany.

The last 10 km or so of my ride was really difficult as the temperature had risen considerably.

Despite having consumed two litres of fluids, I could certainly feel the early effects of de-hydration.

It’s fair to say that today’s ride was about 30 km too long for the conditions.

Clearly cycling early in the morning is a good idea to avoid the heat of the day but I think such future rides won’t exceed 50 km.

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