It’s very rare my cycle rides don’t go as expected, but today was certainly one of those days.

Not so long ago I completed my epic Kustroute cycle ride of 700 km in seven days but early this morning I could barely manage 7 km.

Today’s planned route was a 108 km loop through Germany and Belgium.

I was awake at 05:00 and left home just after 06:00, hoping to catch the sunrise in nearby Germany.

Not sure if I’ve got a stomach bug or something but after about 3 km I felt awful, my legs were like jelly and I had zero energy.

There was certainly no way I was cycling over 100 km today.

I paused a little longer, took in dawn views over the German countryside before very reluctantly turning around and heading for home.

Maybe I’m just tired, I truly hate being woken by my phone alarm, and although I often set it when I want to leave early, I mostly awake naturally before the alarm goes off.

When I got home I slept solidly for another three hours.

Today’s featured image is of the newly renovated bridge over a disused railway line at Lochd, to the south of Heerlen.

It has a series of coloured lights that illuminate the cross-beams one by one and then change colour.

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