The Saturday morning cycle ride was a nice 46 km loop into Germany to the east of Heerlen.

When I left home it was a little misty but the sun was breaking through, enough for a short sleeved shirt and sunglasses.

By the time I was halfway the mist was quite thick in places, the sun had disappeared.

As a result I needed my long sleeved jacket for the remainder of the ride.

The first part of the ride is familiar to me but it was still a surprise to come across a 2 km section of the local railway line completely missing.

There were severe floods and landslides in the area in July when this complete section was washed away.

Fortunately there were no trains running at the time.

The rest of the ride was shrouded in mist, sometimes quite cold, but I still managed a few photographs.

Today’s featured image is of the Broicher Bach running near the German hamlet of Noppenberg.

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