New Year’s Eve here in the Netherlands is also known as Old Year’s Day.

I consumed several drams of single malt whisky on my birthday yesterday but felt great this morning.

There just had to be one more cycle ride this year, regardless of the weather conditions.

The weather forecast promised high winds and heavy rain but there was little sign of either as I set off this morning.

The first third of the 45 km route had the strengthening winds behind me.

This propelled me forwards faster than I could pedal.

The second third of the route, along the Dutch/German border had the strongest cross-winds, making progress slower but I was still moving forwards.

Fierce headwinds met me on the homeward leg of the ride but I was fortunate to find shelter from trees and buildings along the way.

I never plan to cycle in extreme weather conditions, purely from a safety point of view, and today’s conditions were really on the limit of what I consider acceptable.

However the promised rain failed to appear until after I was home, safe and sound.

Today’s featured image is of the Peace Monument near the German town of Ubach Palenberg.

The inscription, in eleven languages, reads:

“Be aware of people who teach you to hate, for they will not save you”

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