Most of today’s 100 km cycle ride was through the Limburg region of Belgium.

I left home very early and before long was cycling along the canal banks near Bocholt, and generally heading south.

Bathed in early morning sunshine I came across the large lake in the nature reserve at Ruiterskuilen where I paused for a while on the observation platform just to take in the stunning views and listen to the many wildfowl that make this their home.

I continued through extensive woodlands along deserted cycle paths until I arrived at Zutendaal where I met with friends for coffee.

My homeward journey was via a different route, again in unfamiliar territory and in very warm sunny weather. You can see from the elevation profile under the map below that this area has many more hills than I’m used to in the Netherlands.

#CW5000 : 4941.10 KM TO GO!

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