Heerlen is nestled amongst the rolling hills of South Limburg.

There is no easy way out of town, for a cyclist, with long, sometimes steep ascents in every direction.

Today’s 54 km ride started almost immediately with a 4 km long climb but not so steep.

A lot of effort was needed before my muscles warmed up sufficiently for the exertion.

However, there are a limited number of cycle routes heading west from Heerlen, which was my chosen direction this morning.

The map below shows my precise route as tracked by GPS, and below that is the elevation profile of the entire ride showing just how many hills I had to contend with today.

Having said all that, I’m really enjoying exploring the highways and byways of South Limburg.

Planning my rides in advance helps me find new, interesting places to visit and helps to avoid using the same roads and tracks too many times.

Today’s featured image was taken just after I left the Dutch village of Schimmert, not far from Maastricht.

Another great morning out on the bike as well as the fastest ride the year with an average speed of 18.8 km/h.

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