Exploiting a pause in the stormy weather of the past two weeks, I had a great 24 km cycle ride this morning to the north of Heerlen.

My destination was the large nature reserve at Brunssummerheide in order to take some autumnal photos.

We’ve had so much rain recently, making the sandy forest tracks already slippery with fallen leaves, especially challenging on two wheels.

In some places the designated tracks were impassable which meant I had to deviate, often on foot, pushing the bike.

This is an area I’ve visited many times before but today I still managed to discover new tracks and scenery.

Today’s featured image is of a very unstable wooden bridge over Roode Beek (Red Brook) in the northern section of Brunssummerheide. I walked across to take pictures but, fortunately, my cycle route took me in the opposite direction.

There are some truly beautiful colours here today.

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