The Weert skyline is dominated by the 78 metre high tower of Saint Martin’s Roman Catholic church in the centre of the city.

We have a clear view of the tower from our 5th floor apartment about 500 metres away.

I have often thought of taking the climb up the tower to see the view & today’s clear sunny weather would be ideal for taking photographs.

Camera in hand I arrived at the stroke of 11:00, when the tower is opened for visitors.

However, to my disappointment, I find that it is closed today & will not open again until March 2020.

Walking back home I noticed that the mural painted on the end of our building is changing shape as the ivy is continuing to grow.

The ivy is actually being trained along rigid netting which is held about 150mm away from the building by pegs. I think the idea is that the ivy will eventually follow the painted tree shape.

There was another building connected here until it was demolished a couple of years ago so this a very creative way to brighten up a huge expanse of plain brickwork.

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