It’s hard to imagine any significant valleys in this extremely flat area of the Netherlands so it was nice to discover the very picturesque Abeek Valley on my 34 km cycle ride this morning.

The surrounding areas form a significant nature reserve¬† both sides of the border and it’s home to many species of wildlife.

It forms part of the physical border between the Netherlands and Belgium to the south of Weert and without the aid of GPS or a good map it would be almost impossible to find.

This was one of those enjoyable cycle rides perfectly illustrated by the photographs taken, the majority of which are from the Abeek Valley itself.

Returning home via the small Limburg village of Stramproy I came across three very colourful ‘community benches’ placed around an open space in a residential area.

Apparently made from concrete and then illustrated with many thousands of small colourful ceramic tiles, they reminded me of something Gaudi might have created in Barcelona.

#CW5000 : 5896.0 KM TO GO!

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