The day after Christmas is Boxing Day…..right?

Well, not here in the Netherlands….today is known as the Second Day of Christmas and the term’Boxing Day’ is unheard of.

In most other respects Christmas is about the same as the UK, a time for family, friends, booze & lots of nice food.

Having over-indulged somewhat yesterday, I needed to get cycling again, I really want to arrive in 2020 with no extra kilos to carry around and I have my birthday to contend with before the New Year.

Today’s short, 28.5 km ride took me along forest cycle tracks through Weerterbos and around the Iron Man lake on the edge of Weert.

We’ve had a fair bit of rain recently so it was no great surprise to find the tracks quite muddy in places and it’s fair to say I’ve returned home with a very muddy bike, legs & feet.

Today’s ride has taken me beyond 600 km towards my Cycling Down Dementia target of 1000 km and I’m hoping to get out on the bike once or twice more this year.

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