I left home just after 0630 today for my 78 km cycle ride to Mariapeel and back.

Mariapeel is a large nature reserve and wetlands on the border of Limburg and North Brabant, not far from the Limburg town of Evertsoord.

I passed through this area about six weeks ago and liked it enough to want to spend a little more time here.

There is an extensive network of canals and smaller waterways throughout this area, created originally as drainage for the peat bogs that form the basis of Mariapeel.

A really enjoyable ride out today & back in Weert before the temperatures reached 28 degrees, a little too warm for enthusiastic cycling.

I also achieved my objective of averaging 20.0 km/h on today’s ride, not because I cycled any harder than usual, more likely because of the mechanical efficiency of my new bike.

#CW5000 : 5601.30 KM TO GO!

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