In less than four weeks I embark on another long distance cycle tour here in the Netherlands.

Last year I completed two of the four ‘LF Icon Routes’.

The first was the 715 km LF Kustroute in March and the other was the 635 km LF Waterlinieroute in October.

This year’s first big challenge is the LF Zuiderzeeroute, a 440 km circuit of the large inland lake of Ijsselmeer followed by a further 275 km back home to Heerlen in South Limburg.

I shall complete this 715 km route in just seven days in late March.

Although the route itself is well established, there has been a considerable amount of planning involved over the winter months.

Arranging overnight accommodation precisely on the route and at the correct daily intervals has been something of a challenge.

Now it’s all booked I’m really looking forwards to being hosted for six consecutive nights by fellow cyclists through ‘Vrienden op de Fiets’.

My starting point is Huizen, near Amsterdam and I’ll be riding around Ijsselmeer in a clockwise direction.

I shall be using my human powered bike rather than the e-bike and will average around 100 km each day.

The daily routes and schedule are here.

Really looking forwards to another long distance challenge….whatever the weather!

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