Today’s exercise consisted of a very cold 10km walk through local woodlands.

It was barely zero degrees when I set off to find a posted countryside walk close to home.

I walked on roads for a short distance before entering the woodlands of Imstenraderbos to the south of Heerlen.

This is a hilly forest with unmade tracks forming various walks, each indicated by coloured markings on posts.

I was supposedly following yellow markers but missed one or two so my walk ended up considerably longer than the expected 7km.

Many of the tracks and fields on this walk were waterlogged because of the recent rain.

This made progress slow and I had to deviate occasionally to avoid the very deepest mud.

It’s quite challenging terrain and by the time I arrived home my legs ached, a lot.

Clearly this is completely different exercise to my normal cycling or spin cycling but it was great fun to be outside doing something slightly different.

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