Today’s 51.1 km cycle ride took me up into North Brabant, via the wildlife lakes of Kempen-Broek near Budel-Dorplein.

Another warm sunny morning as I headed away from Weert along the canal towards Lozen and made very good time to the right turn I needed to make to Budel-Dorplein.

These days I’m putting more effort into pre-planning my cycle rides, mainly to avoid the Belgian border nearby which is now closed to all traffic except that which needs to cross for essential work.

There are Dutch & Belgian police manning all the major border crossings to enforce the temporary new rules and on the minor crossings and cycle tracks that criss-cross the entire border area huge concrete blocks are in place along with heavy barriers, all monitored by CCTV.

I also like to plan routes to avoid travelling the same roads twice and to seek out new & interesting bits, of which there are many.

Moving north from the lakes I soon by-pass Budel and the route then takes me along forest tracks for a while.

Just south of Leende I turn south east for the varied route back home to Weert.

#CW5000 : 7269.5 KM TO GO!

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