The majority of my 97 km cycle ride today was through the Belgian national park of Bosland in Limburg.

This is an extensive area of over 5000 hectares comprising mainly of woodlands.

I cycled through Bosland last October so I had planned a totally different route for today.

Fortunately I still managed a second visit to the magnificent Fietsen door de Bomen (Cycling Through The Trees) feature in Pijnven.

It was quite busy with other cyclists today as I rode up the gentle spiral roadway. This is supported by purposely rusting steel supports that are randomly spaced and similar in size to the surrounding trees.

At the top of the 100 metre diameter loop, you really are cycling through the tree canopy itself rather than above it and it is a truly unique, magical experience.

Once back at ground level I continued my journey through the forest and soon came across the small canal at Vennen, home to many moored leisure craft.

I followed the canal track for about 5 km until it terminates at the marina on the edge of the Belgian town of Leopoldsburg, where I stopped for refreshments as it was about halfway along my planned ride.

Leopoldsburg is home to a large military base, Beverloo Camp, which was established in 1835 and is still in use today. I cycled over 7 km before I was finally past the camp boundaries, it really is huge.

The remainder of my ride today was on familiar roads and although the clear blue skies became overcast with menacing dark clouds there was no rain.

#CW5000 : 4314.80 KM TO GO!

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