Monday’s cycle ride was a 49 km loop into Germany, to the east of Heerlen.

It was also an extremely muddy affair as a result of the heavy rain over the weekend.

Although fine and dry today the country lanes and forest tracks were still running with water.

Any depression in the track was full of water of unknown depth or thick, sticky mud.

On one occasion the track was  deep with mud for a distance of about 25 metres.

Rather than ride through and risk a spill I picked the bike up on my shoulder.

Then I made my way around the obstruction by walking through the adjacent trees.

Several times my planned route was blocked by barriers, indicating fallen trees or subsidence.

This meant a few detours so in the end I abandoned the planned route and just followed my nose for the last 15 km or so.

These days I’m having so much fun with my cycling but I really can do without having to hose the bike clean after nearly every ride.

The featured image today is of a fine pair of horses spotted near the German village of Ofden.

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