The Saturday cycle ride was a 64 km loop to the west of Heerlen, towards Maastricht.

I cannot remember ever being so wet on a bicycle as I have been today.

The forecast suggested a couple of showers, so I was prepared by wearing my ‘shower proof’ jacket and leggings.

The big problem was when the rain started, about 40 km into the ride.

I dismissed it as a passing shower and didn’t bother putting on my lightweight waterproof over jacket that travels everywhere with me.

It rained so hard, I was soaked through to the skin. Also sweating from the inside out, I was truly saturated.

So when the second rain shower arrived, I saw little point in stopping to put the rain jacket on so I just kept heading for home.

I passed many cyclists and walkers sheltering under trees such was the extent of the downpour.

The country lanes were awash with rainwater and in places a little flooded as well.

Today’s featured image was taken from the perimeter cycle track at the Maastricht-Aachen airport, near the village of Ulestraten.

As well as being quite busy with arrivals and departures today, the airfield also seems to be a storage facility for aircraft not currently in use, parked all around the airfield.

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