My 44 km cycle ride this morning was on my Me-Bike rather than the E-Bike.

Over the winter period I’ve fitted new tyres, new brake pads and generally given it some off-season maintenance.

Therefore this was essentially a test ride, before a longer tour coming soon.

Today’s ride was a ‘there and back’ route rather than my usual circuit type route.

I wanted a familiar, easy ride to check that all was well with the bike so this was perfect for that purpose.

Over half (26 km) was cycled alongside the river Wurm in Germany, between Schloss Rimburg and a small village named after the river.

Today’s featured image is of this fast-flowing river near to the German town of Geilenkirchen.

Apart from an annoying squeak from the saddle, all is well with the bike, ready for the next adventure.

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