A few years ago I researched the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders, specifically the 5th Battalion, which, in WW2 participated in the D-day landings and later the liberation of the Netherlands, as part of the 51st Highland Division.

An excellent first hand account of one man’s experiences may be found here.

Of particular note was their involvement in ‘Operation Ascot’, where their actions earned high praise from their commander.

A detailed summary of own research into the 5th Battalion, Queens Own Cameron Highlanders may be found here.

Realising that the site of this action, canals near Meijel, wasn’t far from home, this was my destination yesterday.

Not so much to see now, the temporary bridge built by the Camerons…..’Cameron Bridge’, is no more & the canals are overgrown, blocked in places and generally disused.

Later I rode past the site of yet another WW2 Lancaster bomber crash site outside Heythuysen.

Three New Zealand & two British airmen from the crew of seven died in the crash, caused by enemy action.

The large number of such sites in the area really brings home the huge losses suffered by Bomber Command.

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