April has been an exceptional cycling month for me.

Continuing favourable weather meant I completed eight separate rides totalling 662 km.

My longest one day ride was 58 km to Stahe in Germany.

The most challenging ride was the 140 km, two day expedition to Rurberg in the Eifel National Park, Germany.

I have never before ridden such long, steep and winding hills on a bicycle.

However, this month’s highlight was the truly fabulous 3 day, 211 km ride on the Kustroute, the Dutch coast cycle route.

As with all my cycle rides, especially the multi-day rides, I treat them as unique travel events.

The likelihood of me riding any of these routes again is minimal, such is the extent of my ‘must do’ list of future rides.

Every ride is recorded in photographs which conveys these experiences much better than words ever can.

This month’s photographs can be found here.

This month’s rides can be found here.

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