I cycled 127 km today, by far the greatest one day distance ridden since I started cycling again last year.

Essentially, today’s ride was a large loop around the top of Eindhoven, the fifth largest city in the Netherlands, with a recent addition to the route to include Oirschot, to the west of Eindhoven.

I left home at just before 06:00 and made good time through the woodlands & nature reserves of North Brabant as I headed for Oirschot on the northern banks of the Wilhelminakanaal.

I’ve never been to this area before so today really was a new experience for me, especially as I had read so much about the new ‘Oirschot’ bridge.

In May this year a new cycle/pedestrian bridge was completed over the canal at Oirschot and was named ‘Stonner-Meijwaardbrug’ after two Dutchmen who gave their lives during the liberation of the Netherlands in 1944.

The wood & steel construction is so new that it doesn’t yet appear on GPS mapping systems so it’s a little difficult to find.

Once there, however, I rode over the new bridge twice just to make sure I got photographs from every possible angle!

This is yet another great example of continuing Dutch investment in cycling/pedestrian infrastructure which also serves as a fitting memorial for two brave young Dutchmen. It really is impressive.

Moving on, I cycled across the top of Eindhoven along the canal bank until I turned south for the familiar ride back to Weert.

#CW5000 : 4742.00 KM TO GO!

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