My 57 km cycle ride this morning was a return visit to De Groote Peel National Park near Miejel, Limburg.

Belfort Vossenburg, which I first visited in January 2020, was my starting point for my trek across the middle of the National Park.

Given that it was somewhat overcast by the time I arrived at the tower, I decided not to climb the tower again as I didn’t think I would improve on the pictures I took from there in January, which can be found here.

I had researched my route through De Groote Peel previously and there was no indication that riding cycles is, in fact, prohibited from the whole area.

Transgression is punished by a €80.00 fixed penalty if you get caught by a park warden. Sincere thanks for the friendly advice from the lone dog walker I encountered near the tower.

However, it is permitted to walk, pushing the cycle, so I spent  the next two hours wandering about 6 km along the sandy tracks.

The whole area is a mixture of woodlands, wetlands, lakes, marsh and old peat bogs. Walking with the bike was no hardship and I enjoyed stopping whenever I saw something else to photograph or just to sit on a bench and listen to the sounds of the wildlife.

A really great cycle ride with over 80 photographs plus the added bonus of passing 4000 km cycled so far this year, taking me over halfway towards my objective of 8047 km (5000 miles) for 2020.

#CW5000 : 3984.20 KM TO GO!

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