This morning’s 9 km cycle ride just goes to show that even shorter trips can be rewarding.

Only 3 km from home coffee & fruit pie were consumed at the recently re-opened Hoeve Lieshout, a great fietscafe (cyclist cafe) in the countryside to the east of Weert.

During the lock-down closure it’s obvious a lot of work has been done here to allow people to enjoy spending time on the spacious terrace whilst observing the mandatory 1.5 metre social distancing.

There is also a small campsite and hard standings for a few motor homes at the rear of the fietscafe.

On an indirect route back home there is a large wooded area adjacent to Ittervoortweg that’s home to Feesten’s Breeding Farm.

Here they breed rare species of Cranes, Flamingoes, Kangaroos and Alpacas amongst others.

I could see many different species through the perimeter fencing but they were obviously a little camera shy so you will need to look carefully at the last five photographs to see them.

#CW5000 : 4041.70 KM TO GO!

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