Much milder weather this morning (12c) meant I didn’t need thermal underwear for my 42 km cycle ride to the south-west of Heerlen.

Multiple layers certainly keep me nice and warm/dry but feel bulky and can be a little restrictive.

Spring is less than a month away so let’s hope it brings even better cycling weather.

Just outside the brewery town of Gulpen is some high ground topped off with a rather impressive monument.

Gulperberg offers great all-round views of the town and surrounding valleys.

Because of my direction of travel today I had a fairly easy 10% ascent from the town to the Maria monument and a scary 15% descent down the other side.

Previously I’ve had to push my bike up this 15% hill!

Today’s featured image is of the Maria monument.

Finally, I recently acquired a small tripod for my iPhone 14 Pro, so today there are some ‘experimental’ pictures in the gallery.

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