Friday morning’s 36 km cycle ride took me to the north of Heerlen to Teverener Heide.

This is a 450 hectare nature reserve immediately to the east of the Dutch/German border.

To get there I cycled around the edge of Brunssummerheide, a 600 hectare Dutch nature reserve.

Both these areas have a mixture of forest, heathland, fens and lakes.

Fortunately for us cyclists there are established, signposted cycle and walking tracks to ensure we get to enjoy the very best of these areas.

Today’s featured image is one of the small lakes of Teverener Heide named Kiefernsee.

I stopped here a while for refreshments.

Like so many of these reserves it was completely quiet apart from birdsong and the occasional rustle of leaves in the morning breeze.

Cycling is a great way of connecting with nature and for me there are few places better than where I’ve been today.

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