With temperatures of 36 degrees forecast for today, I was out for a great 63 km ride at sunrise this morning, hoping to be back home before it got too hot to cycle.

Deliberately, my ride today was entirely on small country lanes, un-paved tracks and some canal side paths.

It’s really difficult to capture sunrise without the camera being dazzled, especially as mine is old and not so sophisticated as some available today, but I’m happy with some of my sunrise shots today.

Even at 0600 it was quite warm and I adopted an easy pace as I rode through the beautiful Limburg countryside.

One particular highlight was as I approached the hamlet of Heiakker, where for the first time this year I saw sunflowers in full bloom and facing the early morning sun.

They were part of an extensive meadow and verge of colourful wild flowers, buzzing with industrious bees going about their business.

Honey was being sold at the roadside nearby but I had no way of getting a jar in my handlebar bag.

Continuing my journey I passed through the picturesque village of Grathem at around 0815 and was back in the cool refuge of home before 1030.

It’s now two months since I acquired my new cycle, ‘Sonja’ and today’s ride took me to 2022 km ridden on this great bike, ideally suited to the kind of riding I enjoy so much.

#CW5000 : 3759.30 KM TO GO!

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