Today I wanted a fairly long cycle ride and it ended up being 81.9 km; very satisfying.

It took some time for the sun to wake up this morning so the first half of my ride towards Deurne in North Brabant was fairly dull & overcast.

To the east of Deurne I found the start of Helenavaart, a disused canal which runs south for about 14 km.

The sun is out by now and it’s a very picturesque cycle ride down the narrow road alongside.

Once the canal and road part ways I head home via Beringe, returning on roads used the other day.

It always seems like a different route, travelling in the opposite direction.

On Marissstraat, leading into Beringe, is a fairly substantial vineyard, Vinea Cura. I’m fascinated by Dutch viticulture & I really need to try some local wine some time.

#CW5000 : 6628.5 KM TO GO!

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