Today’s 28.8 km cycle ride started with the 11 km straight ride along the canal bank towards Lozen, Belgium.

I turned around when I came to the still closed Belgian border, which was unmanned but concrete blocks & barriers were in place to stop anything other than pedestrians or cyclists from entering/leaving Belgium.

There are many exemptions to the Covid-19 regulations concerning legitimate travel to Belgium.

However, under the circumstances it would be extremely difficult for me to simply claim I was ‘lost’ if I was caught cycling there without a reasonable excuse.

As I headed back towards Weert I decided to take a turning off the canal road in order to explore the previously un-visited area of Kruispeel.

This is another local nature reserve consisting of woodlands & wetlands, home to many species of wildlife.

There is also a restricted military zone, clearly signposted.

The cycle tracks through the area are mainly sand, so deep in places that I had to push the bike, but it was a worthwhile visit for the absolute peace & tranquility only 5 km or so from the busy town of Weert.

#CW5000 : 6106.2 KM TO GO!

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