After five days of not riding the bike, today’s ride was a great 126 km route deep into Belgium.

I left home before 0800 and it was a little misty as I followed the canal west to Lozen, after which I mainly used minor roads and rural cycle tracks.

At around the 53 km mark I found the main entrance to the famous Zolder race circuit, host of the Belgian Grand Prix from 1973 to 1982.

I encountered quite dense fog for the previous 30 km or so.

This made taking decent photo’s almost impossible but I did get some, including one on the banks of the Albert Canal as the sun tried to prevail through thick fog.

While I ate my breakfast (carried with me) on the canal bank, the sun eventually broke through and the remainder of the ride was in warm sunshine. Not so bad for the first day of autumn.

#CW5000 : 2302.60 KM TO GO!

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