Twenty twenty three was an extremely rewarding cycling year with many great rides undertaken.

Apart from a very cold, wet and windy January I managed to cycle every month.

Of the 82 rides completed this year, 18 were indoor ‘Spinningfiets’ sessions, leaving 64 outdoor cycle rides.

I covered the most distance, 2725 km, on my Cube Nature Pro.

I also cycled 2547 km on my Cube eBike, acquired halfway through the year.

The longest one day ride was 137 km to Monschau, Germany and the greatest elevation gain was 1087 metres on the ride to Raeren.

This year I have tried to plan interesting, challenging adventures on the bike(s) rather than simply riding many kilometres for the sake of it.

Quality over quantity has been the objective.

I have been extremely fortunate this year to have experienced some truly amazing cycle rides.

Highlights have been the week long, 715 km, Kustroute in March and the seven day, 634 km Waterlinieroute in October, both of which were challenging, interesting multi-day adventures.

Also worth mentioning are two great rides, with Mexican friends, to Monschau and Bokrijk.

Throughout the year I have continued my second hobby, photography.

There are over 4000 images of my cycling adventures in 2023, all of which can be viewed in my galleries here.

As I enter my 69th year, 2024 promises to be an even greater cycling year, with several longer, challenging rides planned.

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