Today I completed one of the most challenging cycle rides I have ever attempted.

This ride was along the Waterlinieroute.

This route runs from Edam in the province of North Holland to Bergen op Zoom in North Brabant.

Details of the planned route can be found here.

In total I cycled 634.2 km over seven days and captured over 350 photographs, which can be found here.

The planned route was a little less than 600 km but various closed route deviations and navigation errors added to the total.

The most challenging element of the ride was the daily changing weather, varying from high winds, torrential rain and hot sunshine.

The route was essentially flat, apart from the return to hilly south Limburg.

There was very little shelter from the elements in the more exposed areas.

Returning home safely from a long ride is always satisfying but today especially so, given the extreme conditions encountered along the way.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story….

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