LF Routes (Langeafstand Fietsroutes) are sign-posted long distance rural cycle routes covering much of the Netherlands.

Using these excellent routes it’s perfectly viable to cycle from one end of the country to the other on dedicated cycle paths without any motor traffic whatsoever.

As well as many localised routes there are currently four ‘LF Icon’ multi-day routes.

Cyclists of all abilities can experience the very best historic, rural and scenic cycling the Netherlands has to offer.

I really like the themed nature of each LF Icon route.

Because I’ve only lived in the Netherlands for five years, its a great way of exploring the countryside at a nice easy pace as well as learning about Dutch history and culture.

Each route has it’s own website:

LF Kustroute (610 km)

LF Maasroute (480 km)

LF Waterlinieroute (410 km)

LF Zuiderzeeroute (440 km)

In March 2023 I completed the LF Kustroute, having cycled the southern section in April 2022.

In October 2023 I completed the LF Waterlinieroute.

Each of these routes has many different characteristics and I’m very much looking forwards to completing the remaining two routes in due course.

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