I was on the road at 0700 today for my 61 km cycle ride through the neighbouring province of North Brabant and a little bit of Belgium (again!).

The route was mainly on country lanes and forest cycle tracks, visiting various lakes and nature reserves on the way.

At around the 37 km mark, on the edge of the village of Soerendonk, I came across raised ground which offered great views over the colourful heath lands looking towards the forests of Leenderbos.

Today’s featured image is just one of a few photo’s I took here.

I headed homewards via a slightly more direct route, hoping to get back before the sun got too hot.

We’re experiencing something of a heatwave here in Limburg at the moment, today was 32 degrees and even higher temperatures are forecast for the next week or so.

#CW5000 : 3601.60 KM TO GO!

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